Bath restoration with acrylic liquid

Bath restoration with acrylic liquid is a method that combines a ready-made acrylic liners and enamel deposition benefits.

The liquid acrylic consists of acrylic and hardener. It is used for a bath restorations in home.

With acrylic liquid is restored all types of baths: cast iron, metal, stone, acrylic, as well as to restore the palette cubicles and sinks.

Acrylic Restored bath advantages in comparison with other restoration methods:

1) Acrylic liquid is much more durable material than the bathroom tiling with enamel;

2) The main characteristics of acrylic liquid is impact resistance, abrasion resistance, bath slip, it is an ecological material, resistant to bacteria, mechanical and chemical effects;

3) You do not need to leave the apartment, where is made bath recovery since the material is odorless;

4) Thanks to its superb ability to slide, it provides uniform coating, thereby removing various defects (holes, cracks, undulations);

5) The price is several times lower than buying a new bath or put a ready-made acrylic insert;

6) acrylic liquid can be used for any bath, even non-standard variant (hip-bath, Stalin baths and others);

7) When restoring the bath with liquid acrylics do not need to make repairs in the bathroom, dismantle the tiles change trap or perform some special bath preparation of this type


8) Acrylic liquid flows out and closely fits the bath surface, leaving no space between the new and old surface, and a space not changes;

9) The most significant acrylic bath benefit is that there will always be a good result: glossy, smooth, snow-white, odorless, with a clean and anti-bacterial coating.